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Full-Service Real Estate Development & Investment Company

Driving tenant-oriented real estate development that meets local needs while delivering exceptional investment opportunities for our partners and investors.

Our founder, Jeff Halbert, has been delivering new locations for national retail tenants since 1998. With a 30+ year professional background in a variety of real estate management positions, including city planning, corporate real estate, retail tenant representation, brokerage and as a national retail developer, Jeff is a uniquely qualified industry veteran dedicated to helping retail, restaurant and hospitality tenants expand their brand. Having opened over 250 new locations in 15+ states, Jeff is an expert hands-on leader focused on cost-effective expansion strategies that drive sales weeks for tenants and above average returns for owners, partners and investors.

While our home is on the West Coast, Blackpoint is active in many states around the country.  We excel at helping our clients roll out new stores by delivering prototype developments that are supported by local communities. 

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