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Real Estate Development

Blackpoint has vast experience at providing expert turn-key development services nationwide. As trusted tenant-oriented developers, we bring new facilities to a variety of commercial clients, helping them meet their company expansion goals.


We excel at helping tenants implement regional roll-out plans by delivering multiple new prototype stores in a strategic and programmatic manner.

Preferred Services

As part of our on-going business of delivering STNL and mid-sized retail developments, we offer a variety of services to meet the needs of each client's preferred process.


Build To Suit

We handle all aspects of delivering a turn-key development, including due diligence, entitlements, permits and construction through to occupancy.


Ground Lease

We manage the due diligence and entitlements process to insure efficient and successful approvals on behalf of the tenant. The tenant then constructs the site & building improvements.


Reverse Build To Suit

Similar to a ground lease, however, we provide a financial contribution towards the cost of tenants site development.

Construction Site

Comprehensive Expertise

• Market Analysis

• Site Selection

• Acquisitions 

• Leasing

• Title Review

• Geotechnical Review 

• Environmental Clearance 

• Proforma & Budgets

• Entitlements & Permits

• Tenant Improvements

• Construction Management

• Syndication​

• JV Partnerships

• Property Management

• Dispositions

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Our development history includes the delivery of dozens of STNL projects as well as several mid-sized retail anchored centers.

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