Development Services

Delivery of Retail & Restaurant Prototypes

Blackpoint Properties is dedicated to providing expert turn-key development services nationwide. As trusted tenant-oriented developers, we bring new facilities to retail, grocery & restaurant clients by delivering build to suits, ground leases and reverse BTS’s on time and within budget.​ We excel at delivering multiple new locations for our tenant partners, helping them meet and exceed their expansion goals.

  • Site Selection

  • Market Analysis

  • Acquistions

  • Title Review

  • Physical Analysis

  • Proforma & Budgets

  • Environmental Clearance

  • Entitlements & Permits

  • Tenant Improvements

  • Construction Management

  • Financing

  • Property Management

By executing on appropriate land use entitlements, working closely with our broker & tenant partners, and developing and marketing well-executed real estate projects, Blackpoint provides new commercial real estate opportunities that fulfill the needs of the broader community. Blackpoint's focus, strategy and unique expertise create and deliver premium site opportunities for its clients, the company and its partners.

We fully cooperate with all brokers and partner with select brokers via project participation and bonus fees. 

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